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The products at Fontaine Skincare are created by Maury Ballenger. They are formulated using unrefined, organic, or wild-harvested botanic oils and butters. There are no added fragrances, essential oils, or chemicals.  

Each product is handmade in small batches using minimal or no heat to preserve the healing nutrients in the oils. Because they are unrefined, each oil and butter has a distinct, pleasant aroma.

Inspired from a course I took in 2001 with an aromatherapist, I began experimenting with a variety of exotic carrier and essential oils with my massage clients.

At that time, I was using essential oils in my blends, but eventually I developed a sensitivity (contact dermatitis) to them. It was discouraging to not be able to use essential oils personally or in my massage practice, but because of this sensitivity, I turned my focus to carrier oils. Often, formulations focus on the fragrant essential oils and the carrier oils are an afterthought.

The carrier oil is the base, or foundation, of a formula, and each oil has a unique omega fatty acid profile that determines its best use. Unrefined carrier oils and butters provide many benefits to our skin: barrier protection, nourishment, and moisture. Some oils are "dry" oils that actually help oily skin. They give skin a natural, healthy radiance and glow at any age.

As the largest organ in our body, our skin absorbs what we put on it. For this reason, I source only the finest unrefined, organic, or wild-harvested plant oils and butters.

After years of using a variety of oils to give massages, my favorites started to emerge. The next step was making oil blends and balms for myself, then sharing them for feedback. I have seen firsthand the powerful healing qualities of these ingredients.

Now I’m producing Fontaine Skincare for the public, so that you can experience the transformative nature of these nourishing oils and butters.



Maury Ballenger

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